Our ability

       We are a technology innovative enterprise, based on technological breakthroughs and service innovations in energy conservation and intelligent fields, to provide customers with optimal integrated solutions. Engineering capabilities are distributed across variable frequency control, android, the Internet of things, and server data.

       The frequency conversion control system completes the industry leading washing machine zero speed startup algorithm, solves the problem of no hall start shake of washing frequency conversion motor, sets a new technical benchmark for the next generation of washing machine frequency conversion technology.

       In the field of human-computer interaction, the company takes the intelligent color screen refrigerator as the breakthrough, through the cooperation with haier, suning, whirlpool and other products, the new wind vane leading the industry is formed rapidly, and the comprehensive belt screen upgrade of refrigerator products is promoted. The company is also the only manufacturer in the industry that can provide a complete set of solutions, providing customers with one-stop solutions, including ID design, structural design, hardware design, software design, server development and cloud services.

       In terms of intelligent sensing system, the company has increased investment in WIFI module and camera module, carried out project cooperation with ali, suning, jingdong, si bichi, etc., and carried out technical development work in terms of image recognition and voice interaction based on various scene applications after product networking.